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If the search for a safe and profitable way to acquire drugs were a sporting discipline, then the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union would have many kilometers ahead of any pursuers. Dealers in hoods? Mysterious transfers of bundles from hand to hand? Furious slang and code phrases? It’s all the past. Now all you have to do is go online and follow the simple instructions. And the МЕГА даркнет сайт will help a lot with this.

If you still think the idea of ​​buying drugs on the Internet is crazy, then you should probably understand that during personal contact with a dealer and phone calls, the probability of a so-called “hit” due to the efforts of special agents is many times higher than all reasonable values, and buying on the Internet is quite difficult to track. And the longer and more complex your passwords are, and the more disconnected from your real name your nicknames are, the easier it is for you to stay in perfect order.

Correct ссылка MEGA

It is clear that on the Internet you can easily be deceived, take money and not deliver anything to you. Not every seller is honest and friendly, and some of them “walk under the police.” But at площадка MEGA darkmarket we do a thorough background check on every single seller. Everyone gets what they deserve. Those who dishonestly profit from the disadvantaged fly to the ban before they appear on the site. And the support service is always happy to resolve any issue that arises and often closes disputes in favor of the buyer. The customer is always right!

Everything is great on paper. A well-functioning mechanism for checking sellers, a competent pricing policy, modern МЕГА ссылка rules, fast and responsive technical support are the key to high efficiency, but it is lowered by cyber attacks. Either the police, or the mafia, or competitors are trying to get rid of our portal, and therefore, from time to time, the site works slowly, with errors, or is completely unavailable. Do not be afraid: we have provided for this, and we always have dozens of “mirrors МЕГА онион” – special addresses, when you go to which you get what you want at a time when the attackers have not yet found out about this link.

Working зеркало MEGA market

The main thing is to always be vigilant. Don’t click on all the ссылка МЕГА даркнет you see. Some of them are malicious, phishing, and therefore, when interacting with the site using such a link, you simply give your data to hackers. You don’t have to do that. Check сайт МЕГА даркнет links before using. Responsibility is no less than when using contraceptives!

A short list of the most frequently asked questions:

  • Why can’t I access the main page of the marketplace?
  • Are there alternative links? Which are now alive and not outdated?
  • How to understand which link is a trap and which is not?
  • What is the address of the даркнет MEGA onion marketplace at the moment?
  • How to log in using the TOR browser?
  • Never read anything about площадка MEGA darkmarket before. What is it and what is it eaten with?
  • How to make a purchase?

The most common ways to store money in the post-Soviet space are, of course, under a mattress, on a bank card, on a phone balance, as well as a qiwi wallet, Yumani and cryptocurrency. And what would you think? All this will absolutely calmly allow you to make a purchase on our marketplace. We accept Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, QIWI, Megafon balance, Beeline balance, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and even USDC.

All this can be exchanged on the official website of ссылка MEGA onion for a crypt, after making sure that you have chosen the seller that suits you best in terms of price and quality. Each of them has its own rating, its own “leaderboard” and other parameters specially created to make it as easy and safe as possible for you to purchase what you want. Feel free to ask questions.

Numerous DDoS attacks make our lives more difficult, hectic and dangerous, but we do not shy away from difficulties. If our site is “down”, you can always visit using the official зеркало MEGA onion.

MEGA onion площадка in the dark web

Сайт MEGA darkmarket is the most serious marketplace, and therefore you can purchase not only drugs from us. We also have our own exchange offices (Bitcoin), talk pages with consistently high assets, and interesting items such as weapons, documents, and other interesting items. The site is constantly progressing, but because of this, there are interruptions in the work of the resource. In this case, we recommend that you either “wait the storm” or use one of the trusted mirrors.

Something terrible happened and you couldn’t find what you ordered? Was there sawdust in the package? The seller replies “it’s not us, this is life”? You have every right to write to technical support. Include as much information as possible – every bush, every step, every breath of wind matters. The more data you provide, the higher the chance that the triumphant injustice will quickly come to naught and you will receive timely and adequate compensation. Be polite and informative, and don’t bombard support agents with information that is irrelevant to the problem.

The homepage of the площадка MEGA onion darkmarket marketplace is a treasure trove of information, including how to access it if you have problems with direct access or have a poor internet connection. It also contains answers to many other questions.

Tor Browser is a real gift, not a browser: maximum reliability, anonymity and privacy, and it’s all absolutely free. Yes, ссылка MEGA dark web pages open slower than regular browsers, but is the speed worth your security? So we don’t think so. You can, and it’s beneficial for you to help the project: the more resources developers have, the better, faster and more reliable this browser will work.

How to find the МЕГА даркнет site using the Tor browser

About two thousand years ago Jesus was crucified. If then the most powerful supercomputer was created, which bypasses all currently existing computers and supercomputers taken together, then perhaps with its help it would be possible to crack at least one .onion address by today, but you understand. It’s incredibly long. Your transaction is a matter of a maximum of a couple of days. The shadow web is safe and brute force resistant.

To compensate for the slowness of the TOR browser, we advise you to add us to your bookmarks: this way you can save precious seconds.

We warned, we warn and we will warn: excessive and even situational drug use can be harmful and even dangerous for your health!

The best news in the world of drug decriminalization comes from Western sources. Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, but not Russia, not the Republic of Belarus, and certainly not the rest of the CIS countries. Here you can sit down for a gram of cones, and for a couple of grams of “powder” you risk never getting out at all. We are an additional guarantor of your safety – our police do not rummage, and if they rummage, then to no avail.

If suddenly something went wrong for you, then within twelve hours (and not a second more!) From the date of purchase, you need to tell us as many details about the purchase as possible: which seller did you buy from, what coordinates were given to you, from you also Photographs are required and preferably a video of what happened. You must weigh your item on accurate scales if you want compensation for underweight. The dispute may be closed in favor of the store if you do not provide enough information and / or are incorrect in facts / expressions.

The best way to gain the trust of our support is to be an old and loyal customer. The more transactions on your account and the more years your account is, the faster your application will be considered and the more likely it is to resolve issues in your favor.

Официальный сайт MEGA onion darkmarket

The administration of the MEGA darkmarket marketplace reserves the right to refuse assistance and compensation if you do not comply with the charter of the trading platform.

On the territory of the MEGA darkmarket marketplace, you can easily and at a bargain price purchase a wide variety of drugs, such as: mushrooms, euphoretics, siberia, evil dob, nboms, methadone, coke, ketamine, cones, tablets, any types of salts, alpha, MDPV, and even LSD and any other “reality cure”. You will use our simplest and at the same time complete catalog, and the question of searching and purchasing becomes a task for preschoolers. Everything is too easy. We always have an abundance of operators, couriers, drivers and stocks of goods, and therefore you have all the time in the world to decide on a purchase. No position will escape you. And the larger and more populated the city, the higher your chances of success (the best offers are St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar). We are in touch without a break for lunch, not to war – make purchases at any time convenient for you. We do not impose restrictions: you can buy drugs both from a computer and from a cell phone; both from a smart TV and from a tablet (iOS, Android – you can easily find the necessary applications for dark web surfing on .onion networks in search engines). Tor Browser is completely free and easily found in any search engines.

How to place an order on the МЕГА онион даркнет marketplace?

  1. We follow the official сайт MEGA darkmarket link or the ссылка МЕГА маркет to a verified mirror (be careful: there are a lot of letters and numbers in the addresses, and they are located randomly, so it is easy to deceive an inattentive user);
  2. We register on the trading platform, choosing a successful and beautiful combination of login and password МЕГА онион (both login and password should be convenient and memorable for you, but in no case for “enemies of the people”);
  3. We replenish the balance of our account (it is possible both from a phone number and from a bank card; both from a qiwi wallet and cryptocurrency);
  4. “Wanted” is the best combination of geolocation, price and delivery speed, add to cart and pay. Ready. You are gorgeous!

Technical support and staff of the MEGA website are always ready to help with any problem that arises. We have links for both Tor browser and clearnet. But we recommend that you only use Tor, if possible, for the safety of both you and the safety of your funds.

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6 thoughts on “МЕГА САЙТ ЗЕРКАЛО”

  1. Мега даркнет дохнет, продажи ни о чем по сравнению с другими площадками. Какую 2.0 вы ждете? Эти дилетанты только аукцион сделали с рекламой и больше ничего. Хер мориарти видосы не записывает, шляпники одним словом. Крупные игроки давно уже сбежали от сюда.

  2. Ребят, такая ситуация
    Взял 5г, свой район, в итоге район совсем другой
    Открыл диспут в течении 2х минут-пишут,что у них в правилах магазина написано, что допускается погрешность 5км от указанного района
    А в правилах меги указано, что правила магазина не могут противоречить правилам площадке.
    Помогите разобраться, уважаемая поддержка

  3. Уважаемый суппорт площадки мега. Я понимаю что я вам и в личные сообщения, пишу и тут, но я не вижу других вариантов. У меня диспут висит на 0.22btc без 6 дней месяц будет, можно будет отмечать! 🙂 Так вот 8 дней назад зашел модератор и попросил меня предоставить фото с места через приложение солокатор, что я и сделал на следующий день. И собственно где блядь этот модератор, который был 8 дней назад? Че блядь за скотское отношение, ну ты взял диспут на контроль доведи его до конца, че вы блядь с хуя на хуй прыгаете, закройте один вопрос и скачите дальше. У меня уже нет слов на вас, реально.

  4. Когда заработает возможность покупки за рубли а не btc? Почините работу с моментальными обменниками на мега даркнет?

  5. I would like to inform the participants that today the Monero funds have returned to the balance, and I have successfully withdrawn them. The issue is resolved, but the only negative is that it all takes a very long time, and you have to wait 2 weeks for an answer to the ticket.

  6. I used to complain a lot about mega площадка here, there were reasons, I’ll write in honor – the MEGA site is being corrected.
    The moderator of the PM branch started working, solved my problem, I saw new moderators for disputes, and they began to work faster, which means they started hiring new personnel, this was the main problem. There are jambs in the mega test, but I hope they will correct it. The main thing now is that it does not lie in debt, and it turns out that all the problems have really been closed.

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